Along with our core training module Stewards of Children, we offer an array of trainings to help you prepare  your volunteers to address the multifaceted safety needs of children today. We can customize trainings for your organization's specific needs.



 Simple background checks are necessary but not sufficient to protect your children and organization from predators  looking for the path of least resistance.  90% of abused children know their abuser. Do you truly know your volunteers?  



To protect children every organization needs written policies and procedures. These guidelines protect your children as well as your organization. If your policies are not in writing and not adequately communicated to your volunteers, you do not have policies and procedures. 

Facility Evaluations


Many organizations have physical plants that were not designed to create a child-safe environment. Blind spots,  obstructed sight lines, and isolated locations are a few of the deficiencies of which a sex offender may take advantage.  

Volunteer Followup


Let's admit it. Although you understand the facts, the need for a safe environment and value the protection of children, you really do not look forward to another task on your schedule. Safekeeping Kids can partner with you to make these tasks not so overwhelming. 

Experienced Help


Because of our years of experience in forensic interviewing, counseling and ministry we are uniquely equipped to help you meet the multifaceted needs to create and maintain a child safe environment.  Go beyond your legal duty. Let us help create a safer environment for your children.